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And with two new high rises currently under development Zaragon West and 601 Forest questions are raised about how these high end developments will affect the off campus student rental market in Ann Arbor.In the past two years, Zaragon Place and Sterling 4 Eleven Lofts added about 600 bedrooms onto the leasing market in the downtown and campus areas of Ann Arbor. The additions of Zaragon West, formerly called Zaragon Place 2, and 601 Forest will add another 1,000 rooms to the market once those projects are completed.Following the high rise trend, the 13 story student housing project, The Varsity, was recently proposed for East Washington Street, but has yet to receive approval from Ann Arbor Planning Commission.With a huge influx in high end student housing coming onto the rental market in a short period of time, local real estate experts are looking at how the high rises are changing the more traditional off campus student living.Here are four ways that new student high rise developments may affect the market, according to local industry observers:1. Improvements to off campus propertiesMany of the off campus student houses in Ann Arbor were converted from single family homes decades ago, making many of them outdated and rundown.

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