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‘Clean’ urine bought online for drug screenings tested in ASSIGNMENT 13 investigation

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‘Clean’ urine bought online for drug screenings tested in ASSIGNMENT 13 investigation

The instructions that came with the product say you can either put the faux urine in the microwave to get it between 94 100 degrees, or you can wrap it in a heating pad for one hour to get it to a normal body temperature that would fool testers.

Craig Olson, a professional drug screener from cheap jerseys LabZone in Woodville helped us out with the test.

“On first appearance it’s the right color, it’s the right amount of volume. It would pass visually,” Olson said.

The rapid urine test used in our screening looks for cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, marijuana and opiates.

Olson explained the results as they were coming in.

“You can see that we have lines going across the top and that’s the control, the one below it is the test. And they tell me they’re all negative. So your sample is negative,” Olson said.

Yep, it passed.

But not all that glitters is gold.

After one hour on the heating pad, the fake stuff failed getting to a normal body temperature and that blew the entire test.

“The specimen would be rejected due to low temperature. So we wouldn’t have gone any further in the testing at this point,” Olson said.

The tester said when screeners find urine that’s not the right temperature; they make people do the test again.

“It’s unconscionable to me that there would be a cottage industry out there, but there is, on how to defeat a urine based drug test,” said Don Osterberg, Senior Vice President of Safety and Security for Schneider National.

Schneider National is a trucking company headquartered in Green Bay.

Their trucks roll through the Chippewa valley and all over the country. It’s just one of many transportation companies to require hair tests for drug screenings.

Urine tests only show drug use that goes back 30 days but hair tests go back 90.

Since starting hair tests in March, 2008, Osterberg said Schneider has done 43,000 pre employment screenings.

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