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defunct Nottingham Township

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Hamilton was incorporated as a township by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 11, 1842, from portions of the now defunct Nottingham Township. Portions of the township were taken to form Chambersburg borough (April 1, 1872, annexed by Trenton in 1888) and Wilbur borough (April 24, 1891, annexed by Trenton in 1898). Hamilton Township derives its name from the village of Hamilton Square, which might have been named for Alexander Hamilton..

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I not understanding what the color of our skin have to do with this situation. When we bleed its all red, when we cry its clear tears dropping from our face, when we put our pants on we do one leg at a time, when you pull a trigger we all use the same finger!!!! You would have thought the racism would be over by now smh. People need to take the color of our skin out our vocab and learn to take responsibility when you wrong.

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The week ended with Dustin Johnson becoming only the sixth player in tournament history to record back to back wins and the first since Mark O’Meara (1989 1990). Open. Two months later, the Monterey Peninsula Foundation and PGA Tour announce that the Shore Course will be an AT Pro Am venue through at least 2014.

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