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pet peeve is the phenomenon

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A personal pet peeve is the phenomenon of live bands at hip hop shows. The corny guitar wails and drum solos just really serve to embarrass those of us who don’t want to be reminded of the smooth jazz of our parents when grinding on the stoner next to us. Though it’s great that everyone’s on the Roots train, in a way, no one’s as good at live band hip hop as the Roots, guys.

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I chosen my original seat because it was near four bros in Croakies, baseball caps, and Vineyard Vines T shirts who looked a lot like date rapists I known in college. I figured that if I got to know them during the rally, I be one step closer to understanding the corrupted heart of white America or something. But unlike the date rapists, the bros didn have much interest in talking to me..

Gene Cornish: Oh, my God. We’re on cloud nine! Steven Van Zandt has really put the thing together correctly. He created what he calls a bio concert. Gwendolyn’s custom made wheelchair weighs well over 100 pounds with all the equipment required to help her breathe and keep her fed and hydrated. “I looked at my daughter and thought she would give anything to trade places,” Bill said. “That kept me going.” Gwendolyn had become a celebrity at last year’s half marathon.

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